It all started when Christina realized there was more to events than just planning them. Logistical coordination is just the first step. What really matters from an event is the success of it... And what defines that success? Is it customer engagement? Additional revenue? New clients? More prospects? What makes an event... It is the creating the process to measure the metrics that will bring you greater ROI, creating your event success.  And this is where it began...

Christina has 10+ years of experience as an event professional working primarily with SaaS organizations on every level, delivering effective events, with proven ROI, and significant cost savings.

A creative and strategic thinker, with a keen eye for detail, and strong production and project management skills. From conception to completion, overseeing an attire production, working on the small administrative tasks to the bigger picture items, bringing years of experience with contract negotiations, vendor management, strategy planning, and post mortems. She can create, plan and manage effective global events with proven ROI, and a demonstrated ability to own and manage budgets ranging from 1K to over 1M, while always able to identify cost savings per event.

The event mission is always to connect, collaborate and create. Connecting with key stakeholders and all team members involved to collaborate on all items needed to create a successful event.